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~ Take Part in the Creation Process ~

There are indeed only a handful of Churbbies stuff toys as of now. In order to have them
 available for mass adoption, your help is needed. Become a sponsor, donate or reserve
a Churbbicorn! Here is the Churbbies Paypal donation button:



Any amount will be helpful to the Churbbies movement! If you would like to sponsor or donate via
other means (by mail), please contact me via email: churbbiesmagic@gmail.com or liquidcrow@gmail.com

~ Thank You for Taking Part! ~

In order to be able to have the Churbbies mass produced, $12, 000.00 in funding is needed.
As of now $2,090 has been gathered.

This list consists of people who have helped the Churbbies via donation/ sponsorship/ reservation.
To those on the list, do let me know if you what your screen names posted instead or any additional
information that you would like advertised.

                       1. Fellie and EdCucchiarella
2. Justin Flack
    3. Joe Velasquez
 4. Jerrod Uhler
   5. Angela Abeyti
     6. Dessie Cuaderno
      7. Maria Gonzales
  8. Jessica Postle
   9. Alice Ciobotaru
     10. Jennifer Horvath
         11. Callie Leclaire

       12. Briana Sidari
                      13. Xochitl Rodriguez-Ariz
     14.  Jun Songco
15. Joe Ochoe
  Elizabeth Sullivan
               17.  Nikki Mcclintock
              18.  Jessica Swanson
                          19.  Christopher D Sampson
        20.  Nicole Terell
                 21.  Daniel Concannon
               22.  Arpad Hervanek
             23. Sam Fleischman
              24.  Heather Robson
       25. Susanne Eby
                 26. Jeanne Arrowsmith
              27. Rosalinda Valdez
                    28. Tamara Bakhlycheva
     29. Alisha Cross
  30. Billy Shura
               31. Christopher Senz*


Want to help the Churbbies come to life? Help by sponsoring/ donating*



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