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~ Hello and Welcome! ~

( Updated notes: Its been a while, but the Churbbies is still an on going project! )

You are probably wondering what Churbbies are....well, Churbbies are mythical creatures
condensed into their purest forms using magic spells, also known as 'Churbbification'. 

The Churbbies in the pictures below are known as Churbbicorns:



The Churbbicorn is the first mythical creature to ever be Churbbified.
More Churbbified
creatures as well as the story behind their world and existence, will be shown at a later time.

~ Bringing the Churbbies to Life ~

Inspired by
how much love people have for unicornsI wanted to create something just as
magical for everyone to enjoy....but with my own personal twist. Combining fun elements
with the unicorns awesomeness like round-squishiness, fluff-tastic floofyness and hand-held
 portability for maximum hugs produced some really fun results. The first set of Churbbies
stuff toys came to life. I shared it on Deviantart and got my first Daily Deviant award.



~ Help Bring the Churbbies to Life! ~

As of now, there are only a handful of Churbbies Churbbicorns. But I would like to share
them with everyone! Help bring more of them to life by sponsoring, donating or reserving. Please
 visit the Honorable List page or *click here* for more information.


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